Waboba began in Sweden and has since bounced all across the globe, turning human beings (and sometimes dogs) into Waboba addicts -- also known as Wabobians. Since 2005, we have been dedicated to developing fun, innovative products for people to play with and enjoy all over the world. Even though Waboba first began as “The Ball that Bounces on Water” (thanks to our inventor, Jan von Heland), we soon realized millions of Wabobians would go through withdrawal if they didn’t have something fun to play with on land too. So we created the Street, MOON, and Flyer to keep the obsession going strong during the colder months. Today, Waboba is a worldwide brand with different cultures bouncing our balls on every continent. Our goal is to connect people with our simple belief in having fun outside. Because when you’re having fun with others, there are no differences. Nor do you think about all the petty stuff or stress in your life. All becomes a distant memory when you bounce outside with Waboba.